Ensign Val Wallace was a male Starfleet officer who served on the USS Voyager under captain Kathryn Janeway during the 2370s. He was assigned to astrophysics.

He died in 2375 when Voyager encountered a spatial abnormality that resulted in a hull breach on deck 7. He and another crewmember were sucked into space by the intense gravimetric forces.

Though they were both beamed back on board as soon as possible it was too late. Both men died instantly due to being exposed to the vacuum of space. The Doctor had still tried to bring them back to life but in the end it was indeed too late. Seven of Nine, who had been in sickbay for routine maintenance when the incident occurred had attempted to help though it was in vain.

Their deaths nearly send captain Janeway into another bout of depression, something she was susceptible too when faced with such a loss. Janeway felt incredibly guilty because when she learned the identity of the two casualties her wife, she was momentarily relieved neither was her wife and glad it had not been her, before realizing that se had lost two crewmembers. Seven of Nine helped Janeway overcome the onset of the depression, helping Janeway realize that the emotion was human and understandable. (JB: "Just Between Dusk & Dawn")