The Millennium Series
Abbr.: MLN
Created by: Gina L. Dartt
Production dates: 2001 - 2008
Original run: 2001-06-22 - 2008-08-22
Episodes: 20
Timespan: 2379 - 2380

The Millennium Series is the sequel series to the popular Just Between Series. It was created by Gina L. Dartt and ran online for 2 seasons, from 2001 to 2008. The series no longer followed Star Trek canon, and took off on a path of its own, though it remains true to Star Trek canon in spirit and style. Like its predecessor the series features a lesbian couple as its main protagonists. Additionally, the series is also known for its rated NC-17 content, though the adult content is always important to the story and does not detract from its quality. The Millennium Series focuses more heavily on long term story arcs and forming resolutions to some unfinished plot lines from its prequel series. The stories in The Millennium Series are also in a somewhat darker style and more heavy in character drama. It also featured a far larger turn over in characters. The production of the series was heavily delayed due to personal problems of the writer. The series appeared to have ended after only 20 episodes, though writer Gina L. Dartt hinted that she may return to create a third season of Millenium or some sort of follow up to The Millennium Series. After a long gap, the first episode in - perhaps - a new series was posted in early 2010, titled Gamma Grumbling. An event highly anticipated by fans. The Millennium Series is not an official Star Trek series but a work of fanfiction. The Millennium Series utilizes characters that are copyright © by Paramount Pictures. No infringement on their respective copyrights is intended by the author in any way, shape or form.

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Better known as Seven of Nine

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Previously known as The Doctor

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Season 1 Edit

Season 1, 10 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Past Provocations, Part I 1x01 01 2001-06-22
Past Provocations, Part II 1x02 02 2001-07-06
Delicate Diplomacy 1x03 03 2001-07-20
Defining Duty 1x04 04 2001-08-03
Mission Maneuvers 1x05 05 2001-08-17
Altering Aspirations 1x06 06 2002-01-15
Difficult Decisions 1x07 07 2002-02-15
Collective Comprehension 1x08 08 2002-04-19
Tenuous Ties 1x09 09 2002-12-27
Prospective Paths 1x10 10 2003-01-31

Season 2 Edit

Season 2, 10 episodes

Title Episode Written Order Original Postdate
Beta Beginnings, Part I 2x01 11 2003-02-28
Beta Beginnings, Part II 2x02 12 2003-03-12
Superficial Suppositions 2x03 13 2003-04-25
Relative Relations 2x04 14 2004-05-28
Persistent Priorities 2x05 15 2004-07-21
Lingering Lamentations 2x06 16 2007-01-01
Parasitic Perplexity 2x07 17 2007-07-15
Beta Battles 2x08 18 2008-08-31
Chaotic Cruise 2x09 19 2008-08-22
Final Frontier 2x10 20 2003-01-31

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