Tenuous Ties
Series: The Millennium Series
Season: 1
Number: 09
Postdate: 2002-02-27
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
Previous Episode: Collective Comprehension
Next Episode: Prospective Paths

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  • This is the 9th installment of the Millenium series.
  • It was posted to the net on December 27, 2002
  • This is one of the hardest stories I ever had to write, not because of the content, but because for the past few months, my good friend, my beta reader, and a person I love dearly has been slowly failing from inoperable lung cancer. Susan became my beta reader during the second installment of the Counselor series. She visited me several times in Nova Scotia, and during those weekends, we would swap ideas about J/7 to the extent that when she left, I'd launch myself into another ten or so installments. She became an integral part of my life. A great deal of joy has gone out of writing J/7, though I stick to it because she enjoyed it so much. Regardless of what happens in the near future, I know she's always going to be looking over my shoulder, offering ideas. This and so many other stories are dedicated to her.
  • Thanks to Jay who stepped in to help beta this story.

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"Collective Comprehension"
The Millennium Series
Season 1
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