Gender: Female
Species: Elthanian
Affiliation: The Confederation of Species StarScouts
Rank: First in command
Status: Active
Martial Status: Single

Tazna Jade was a 24th century Ethanian StarScout officer, most noted for her service as First in Command of the Confederate Scout Ship StarRunner. She was the first citizen of the Confederation of Species to make contact with Starfleet in 2374 when she and her ship encountered the USS Voyager as it ventured into the Beta Quadrant. She is known for being highly manipulative and usually has her own agenda besides her duty as a StarScout. She was also one of the main driving forces in the Elthanian StarScouts Uprising that nearly destabilized the Confederation in 2380.

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StarRunner First Edit

Tazna Jade is the First in command of the Confederate Scout Ship StarRunner. The StarRunner is a long sleek ship, a little larger than Voyager, with a multispecies crew. Tazna Jade, as captain herself, is the equal of K. Janeway and when they first meet it seems like she is always thinking ahead of Janeway which really annoyed her. When Janeway invited Tazna Jade aboard Voyager, she came with the healer, Marin, and the custodian, Rynard.

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Seven of Nine Edit

The first time Tazna Jade laid eyes on Seven she was captivated. She monopolized Seven's attention the whole evening with compliments and charm in front of a jealous Janeway. Tazna even invited Seven for shore leave. The young Borg flattered agreed until she understood Tazna wanted to copulate with her. Promptly, Seven informed her that Kathryn was the only one with whom she "made love". Even learning about Seven and Janeway relationship, Tazna remained very charming with Seven especially few years later when Millenium explored the Delta quadrant.

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