Gender: Female
Species: Vulcan
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Rank: Ensign
Status: Active
Sibling(s): Admiral Sitak (Sister)
Captain Solok (Brother)
Martial Status: Unbonded
Played by: Tasia Valenza

Ensign T'Shanik a 24th century Starfleet officer who served on the USS Millennium under Captain Kathryn Janeway, first as the Beta Squad Leader and later as the operations officer. She is the youngest child of a powerful Vulcan family with strong ties to Starfleet, who view her as weak and a possible embarrassment. She is however neither and is determined to further her career on her own strength.

Early life Edit

T'Shanik is the youngest of her family and because of that she lived a fairly sheltered life. However T'Shanik had a taste for exploration and adventure and went out to join Starfleet against the wishes of her family. (MLN: "Prospective Paths")

Starfleet career Edit

Early career Edit

When she passed all the requirements for Starfleet her family did its best to keep her in inferior postings, obstinately to keep her safe, but in reality it was because they thought her to be weak and an a potential embarrassment to the family honor. (MLN: "Prospective Paths")

She served as an Operations officers while stationed at Deep Space 12 prior to applying for Millennium. The station is located far away from any major Federation planet and lies along the border of the Alpha Quadrant at the very edges of Federation territory. Most likely she was stationed there because it is so far away and mostly out of the way. (MLN: "Altering Aspirations")

USS Millennium Edit

T'Shanik applied for a transfer to Millennium at the very last moment, in hopes that her high ranking Vulcan family could not prevent it. (MLN: "Prospective Paths") It worked, however there were no other positions left besides an opening in Millenniums Fighter squadron as a pilot for the KillerBee Light Fighters. (MLN: "Altering Aspirations")

Figher squad leader Edit

She applied herself to her position and was quickly assigned as the squad leader of the Beta squad. (MLN: "Past Provocations, Part II")

Ops officer Edit

She eventually got herself noticed by Lieutenant commander Ro Laren during tactical training. Ro recognized T'Shaniks talents and at T'Shaniks request she recommended her as the new Ops officer on the Alpha shift. and was assigned to become the Alpha shift ops officer, replacing ensign Elisa Tarn. (MLN: "Altering Aspirations")

Background Edit

T'Shanik is one of only a few characters in the Just Between Universe that previously appeared in a Star Trek TV-series, other than Star Trek: Voyager. The T'Shanik character was used in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode called Coming of Age.

Apocrypha Edit

Character Speculation Edit

The short character description provided on Novel Expectations seems to suggest that the T'Shanik character might be intended to be further developed if The Millennium Series ever continues or some other sequel is made. It implies that her assignment as the Alpha shift Ops officer on Millennium will have some repercussions that might be good or bad.

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