Sovereign class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Length: 685m
Decks: 29
Speed: Warp 8+
Armament: 4 Forward torpedo launchers
6 Aft torpedo launchers
Defenses: Deflector shields

The Sovereign-class starship was introduced in the late 24th century, showcasing some of the most recent technological advances in Starfleet. Heavily influenced by the recent Dominion war, most of its advances are in its weaponry and defenses.

History Edit

It was not a key player in the Dominion war, instead it was used to carry out various internal missions pertaining to the internal stability of the Federation. It also included missions in dealing with the newly allied Romulans and the subspecies Remans.

During this period the class received a comprehensive refitting that included adding additional decks, weaponry and it propulsion system. Again the refit was a reflection of the Dominion war, were ship advancements concentrated on weapons, speed and defenses.

The heavily war influenced design of the Sovereign class has received some criticism within Starfleet. After the Dominion war most Sovereign class ships were used as patrol vessels along unstable borders of the Federation. Again this shows the class' relative limited scope of useful deployment in peacetime. The class has also been deployed as an intimidation weapon against relatively weaker enemies, such as the Orion Syndicate. (JB: "Just Between Life & Death")

Technical DataEdit

The evacuation capacity is about 12 800 people. The sovereign class carries a crew complement that lies around 215 officers and 625 enlisted crew. It does not carry families on board.

The sovereign class is equipped with heavy transporters, usually used for cargo, but also for mass emergency evacuations. (MLN: "Just Between Life & Death")

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