Just Between Us
Series: The Just Between Series
Season: 1
Number: 01
Postdate: 1998-02-01
Word Length: 25 927
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
In-Universe Timeline:
Previous Episode: None
Next Episode: Just Between Them
Previous in Canon: Prey
(Star Trek: Voyager (episode))
Next in Canon: The Omega Directive
(Star Trek: Voyager (episode))

Captain Kathryn Janeway begins to realize the depth of her feelings for Seven of Nine. The woman is fighting with the captain over whether or not she should explore this. But before she can come to a decision Seven beats her to it. But meddling crew members and a failed away mission bring Kathryns fears to the surface and threaten to stand in the way of their happiness.

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"Sure, it's purely maternal the way you wonder just what those ridges on her abdomen beneath her uniform are," her little voice noted snidely, "or how it would feel to trace them lightly with your fingertips?"

- Janeway thinking about Seven.

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  • This story was written and takes place shortly after the events in Prey and Retrospect, which aired in February, 1998. For the rest of the JB series, similar events will take place as they did in various episodes on the television show as I was writing the series, but because of the relationship developed at this point between Janeway and Seven, obviously the televised missions wouldn't happen exactly the same. Certain discrepancies will arise, but whenever possible, the events taking place on the television show were adhered to within the confines of the JB universe. (Of course, at the time, I also didn't know I was writing a series which would span 50 stories and two more seasons of Star Trek: Voyager.)

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