Just Between Them
Series: The Just Between Series
Season: 1
Number: 02
Postdate: 1998-05-01
Word Length: 31953
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
In-Universe Timeline:
Previous Episode: Just Between Us
Next Episode: Just Between You & Me
Previous in Canon: The Omega Directive
(Star Trek: Voyager (episode))

Captain Kathryn Janeway is having a hard time sleeping with Seven away on a mission. Meanwhile Seven is having a hard time dealing with what she perceives as romantic rivals for Janeways affection. Janeway now has to deal with both her sleeping difficulties and Seven. She asks The Doctor for help with her sleeping difficulties, who simply suggests that the easiest way to fix the problem is to make sure Seven is there all the time. Meaning by letting her move in to Janeways quarters. Janeway is reluctant but before she can decide on what to do, the Voyager crew discovers a wormhole leading to an even more distant location, the Beta Quadrant. When exploring it the crew encounters a Federation-like organization offering a great many things. One of them being Janeways very own romantic rival, only this one is not imaginary.

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  • This story is the sequel to Just Between Us. While it is not absolutely essential that you read that first, it's probably a good idea that you do....just to keep things straight.
  • This installment takes place after the events of The Omega Directive, near the end of fourth year of their journey, and was first posted in May of 1998.

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Previous episode:
"Just Between Us"
The Just Between Series
Season 1
Next episode:
"Just Between You & Me"