Just Between Stars
Series: The Just Between Series
Season: 1
Number: 08
Postdate: 1998-10-01
Author: Gina L. Dartt
Beta: Unknown
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The first prototype shuttle of the newly designed slipstream drive is ready for its fist test flight. Captain Kathryn Janeway ignores all warnings of her crew and decides to pilot the test herself. Seven of Nine accompanies her, both to monitor the new engine and to keep an eye on her captain. During the test however something goes terribly wrong and Seven and the captain are left stranded on an uninhabited planet with Voyager several months travel away. Injured and poorly equipped they must combat the elements to survive.

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Chapter One: POV: Seven of Nine Edit

The chapter begins with Seven walking entering the hanger bay of the starship USS Voyager. She intends to work on the shuttle that now houses the nearly finished prototype of the new slipstream drive. Already working on the shuttle are Harry Kim and B'Elanna Torres.

When Seven passes B'Elanna, who is partly concealed while working on the plasma manifold, she feels momentarily playful and decides to prank B'Elanna by pinching her in the butt. It causes her to jump up and bump her head in the conduit. As Seven walks away she hears Harry frantically trying to explain he wasn't the one who had done it. Seven's amusement at the reaction disappears entirely when she rounds a corner and bumps into B'Elanna. Only then does she realize that she had mistaken the captain for B'Elanna, and subsequently pinched the wrong person. Janeway is not amused and reprimands a contrite Seven, greatly amusing B'Elanna in the process much to the captain's dismay.

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After Janeway leaves B'Elanna and Seven have a brief argument about an incident during which Seven took some advice from B'Elanna involving Seven and the captain's romantic life. Seven dismisses the conversation and gets back to work along with B'Elanna. While they work Seven tells B'Elanna about her elaborate plans for the captains birthday, which is today, consisting of a special meal and even more special gift that she has been saving for some time.

Chapter Two: POV: Kathryn Janeway Edit

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  • This is the 8th in the Just Between series. It was written and posted around the first of October, 1998, around the beginning of the fifth season of ST:V.
  • This was originally titled Just Between Here & There. I think this is a more appropriate title.

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