Jarroc was a trader from the Delta Quadrant. The crew of the USS Voyager encountered him in 2376. The encounter proved fortunate for the Voyager crew when Jarroc informed them that they were "in luck" because they were within "spitting distance" of the Balleyport Space Station. He assured commander Chakotay that the station would be able to provide them with much needed supplies and repairs and that it could easily handle a ship the size of Voyager and offer suitable replacement parts. The ship was in dire need of supplies and repairs after sustaining extensive damage in an attack by three Spurnge ships, then believed to be robot ships by the crew. He also swore it offered the best engineers and that the the entertainment level had more forms of diversion than anyone else in the sector. (JB: "Just Between Fortune & Folly")

Jarroc also informed Chakotay that the stationmaster Twimm would only deal with the captain of a visiting ship. Sending a lower ranking officer would offend him since he believed that only dealing with the captains would keep the negotiations above board. (JB: "Just Between Fortune & Folly")

It was never specified what species Jarroc was or what his business with Voyager was. Though it can be assumed that Voyager contacted him in an attempt to purchase supplies they sorely needed.