A hybrid is the offspring of the mating of two different species also known as interspecies reproduction.

There can be unexpected consequences to interspecific relations and often it is not known what the exact result of any type of interspecies mating will be. The hybrid offspring may not be viable or the effects of its dual ancestry may influence both its physical and/or mental health. The different natural dispositions of both species may clash and create emotional difficulties in the hybrid. Also, the attainable age of a hybrid is difficult to estimate, the hybrid may die younger that is normal for both species or it might outlive both. (JB: "Just Between Perceptions")

It is also possible that one species' genes are more dominant and that the hybrid will resemble that species most.

The possible negative effects of interspecies matings are perhaps even cumulative in certain cases. Meaning that the offspring of a hybrid may experience more problems if another interspecies mating is attempted.

A Federation statistic on successful interspecies matings states that for every success in a hybrid melding there are three cases that experience problems. (MLN: "Lingering Lamentations")

Certain species, even similar humanoid species may even not be physically compatible due to genetic, anatomic or other differences. In certain cases offspring can still be created with medical assistance. Bajorans and Vulcans for example are too genetically different to conceive naturally, but can produce offspring with medical help. (JB: "Just Between Tears")

In some cultures children who are born as a result of interspecific relations are rejected by the society of one or both races. For example, Bajoran/Cardassian hybrids are often rejected by both Bajorans and Cardassians. (MLN: "Past Provocations, Part I")

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It should be noted that because Ro and Torres are a same gender couple the use of medical intervention was already required to produce an offspring, therefore it is unknown whether or not their two species' could reproduce naturally.

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