Frontier class
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Type: Fast Explorer
Active: 2379-
Length: 702.5m
Beam: 470m
Height: 170m
Mass: 7,000,000 metric tonnes
Crew complement: 200 officers and crew
275 civilian personnel
20,000 person evacuation limit
Cargo capacity: Cargo capacity
Speed: Warp 9.985 for 12 hours
Transition Drive
Powerplant: Two 1500+ cochrane warp cores
Alpha core for Warp
Beta core for Transition drive
Four impulse reactors
Armament: 14 type-10 phaser emitters
8 pulse phaser cannons
Three torpedo launchers
Special features: Safe Haven: Multi-deck, heavily armored survival vessel, Warp 6 capable

The Frontier class was a highly experimental type of Federation starship designed for long-term deep-space missions. It was placed in service in 2379.

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The Frontier class was Starfleets most advanced starship class at the time of its development.

Designed as a fast heavily armed exploration vessel, the Frontier class was used for long term deep-space missions into mostly unknown territories like the Delta and Beta Quadrant. It is powered by Starfleets first experimental Transition Drive, a propulsion system based on the Quantum slipstream drive.

Heavily influenced by the Dominion War the Frontier class carries very advanced weaponry and defenses. Its scientific technology is still mostly similar to earlier 24th century starships, though it contained several upgrades in various systems acquired from Starfleets previous incursions into the Delta Quadrant.

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