Borg sphere
(aka Borg long-range tactical vessel)
Affiliation: Borg Collective
Type: Long-range tactical vessel, auxiliary craft
Active: 24th century
Diameter: Up to 600 m
Crew complement: Up to 11,000
Speed: Transwarp capable
Armament: Tractor beam
Phaser weaponry
Defenses: High-power subspace field
Auto-regenerative hull
Ablative hull armor

"Like cybernetic ants in some subterranean hell."

- Zar Tulek, 2379

The Borg long-range tactical vessel, commonly referred to by the Federation as a Borg sphere, was a sphere-shaped starship used by the Borg Collective during the late 24th century.

History Edit

The crew of the USS Millennium encountered a sphere in the Delta Quadrant in 2379. It was on a scouting mission to evaluate the suitability of an aquatic species for assimilation. (MLN: "Collective Comprehension")

Technical data Edit

The size and capabilities of Borg spheres appear to vary, based on observations made in various encounters with the Federation throughout the 2370s, as suggested by its designation as a "long-range tactical vessel", as well as its use as an auxiliary craft capable of being launched from a Borg cube. The first type has a diameter of about 450 meters and is far larger than the second, which appeared to only serve as a support vessel. Both types of spheres are far smaller than a Borg cube.

Spheres possess a central plexis, like all Borg vessels. This is where all the information of the Collective that pertains to the Sphere's function is stored. It is possible to upload external information here in order to 'fool' the Collective on certain things. This is however extremely dangerous and can only be done by a former drone since it requires a cortical node. (MLN: "Collective Comprehension")

Spheres are not usually used in large scale assimilation, but rather serve in long range scouting missions. Spheres are used to evaluate planets for their suitability for later assimilation. A sphere will do this by acquiring a suitable sampling of the species and their technology in question. A large sized city of a approximately 3.5 million inhabitants will suffice for such a sample. It is unlikely that the total population of such a city would be assimilated at this stage, unless the biological entities in question prove difficult to assimilate and adapt to the Borg. Then the sphere will attempt to assimilate the full 3.5 million in an attempt to adapt them. If this fails and their technology proves unremarkable then the species in question will be deemed unsuitable for assimilation. (MLN: "Collective Comprehension")

Design Edit

A sphere has no visible living quarters, engineering section or propulsion systems.

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