B.L. Miller is an American writer known for her exploits in lesbian themed literature. Among fanfiction fans she is most known for her writings in Xena femslash fanfiction and for her collaborating with Gina L. Dartt on two extra long installments of The Just Between Series, namely Just Between Above & Below and Just Between Families.

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B. L. Miller claims to be a hermit by nature, loving to stay at home and partake in her favorite pastimes of reading, writing, and painting garden gnomes.

She was born in Massachusetts during a blizzard in 1967 and was raised in and around Albany, New York. Now a resident of Maine, she still gets teased about drinking "caw-fee." She was a wild child, spent her teenage years giving her mother gray hair and self-destructing. Now she spends her days working for a large telecommunication company and her nights sitting in front of the computer happily writing away and answering email. She loves writing and hopes to continue to do so for a very long time.

B.L. Miller wrote close to 95% of the two Just Between installments. She was the one who asked if she could write something for The Just Between Universe. According to Gina L. Dartt she is one of her favorite Xena fanfiction writers.

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B. L. Miller's other works include an 'Accidental Love', 'Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles,' published in 2005 by B. L. Miller and Vada Foster.

B. L. Miller also has a novel 'Court of Love' that was only published in German. This book is not available in english and it is not available for reprinting or back order. This is because the original digital version was lost due to a computer malfunction.

In addition to Graceful Waters, Verda and B. L. Miller co-authored 'Crystal's Heart'

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